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Use this universal web application to share links with someone you love. Maybe even a few. By using a single hug code you can allow others who have the same code to view the links you provide. This system works as an on-the-fly scratchpad and is best when a given hug code is shared by pre-arrangement (or after the first time) and bookmarked. If you want the deep story behind why this site exists, read this. If you want to meet the guy who did this go here.


If you enter bad data you will bounce back to the front page, often wihout explanation. Sorry for that but the three fields for creating an entry and so forth are very simple. If you bounce back to the front page try again but pay attention to what is being asked for and don't enter weird stuff. The URL must include an 'http://' prefix.


This site uses cookies in combination with the codes you create and reference to keep things as private as possible. Therefore cookies must be enabled in your browser to utilize all features and to expect proper behavior. As a disclaimer do not use this system to store private or confidential links. It has been coded to make sharing cat videos easier, not state secrets.


First, thank you! is a project of Dave the Web Guy and is completley non-profit dependent. However, if you would like to donate to support my hobby of building useful websites and in particular I've set up a PayPal process for that. Just click the button to get started:


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