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Stuck Pigeon


We're not sure what happened to this poor little creature.

Nirva and I decided to try out dinner at "The King of BBQ" located on Niagra Street and when we got there we found the business closed (contrary to Google Map data), and seemingly so for quite a while.

Yet there on the floor, following us by turning its body in whatever direction we happened to move, was this black little pigeon.

It looked like it had been in there for awhile. The tables had overturned condiments and, - yechh - there were bird droppings on some of the tables as well as around the immediate area where the pigeon was sitting.

Of course we wanted to rescue it if we could. My take on the situation was that it had been trying to get out in vain for who knows how long, and it looked like it was on its last leg there staring at us as it was. But we weren't really sure how. There weren't the kind of "In case of emergencies contact...." signage you see on some businesses, so we contemplated calling 911. But to me that seemed a bit extreme and honestly what were the police going to do. And they certainly weren't going to prioritize the call. If they showed up at all it would likely be hours. So ultimately I left a voicemail with the 311 service and hoped for the best.

Meanwhile, Nirva made contact with one of the upstairs residences and was able to get a building owner number, which, long story short, resulted in another trail of left behind messages.

So, we had to leave at some point and just hope that we nudged a gear, albeit a slow-moving one, that resulted in that bird being rescued in time. I attempted to oil things up a little by posting to Next Door, expanding the neighborhood visibility of it, hoping someone knew someone, to contact them and make a more personal plea. Was that effective? Who knows. I got a lot of responses urging that the SPCA be contacted but by that time, and perhaps in any case, it would have been futile.

Nirva made a point to drop by the business for a peek the next day, prepared to implement some of that advice if need be, but found the bird no longer visible from the window. Our hope is that all that rattling, or perhaps just all that activity spotted by some concerned business owner through their mounted outdoor cameras, drove someone to go down and check it out -- hopefully releasing (versus something else) the creature. Who knows though.

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