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Incredibly in the span of one week both candidates dodged assassination attempts. And, if you ask me about conspiracies, I'd say the most likely suspect in each are the own party members of both. Think about THAT.

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This is my personal WWW repository and infrequent blogging platform. It used to be my blogging platform but you can read this to understand why I changed things up and what it means for any content that you might find here today.

The theme of this place Explaining Myself is just that. I have forever been a non-affiliating and happily self-isolating personality that by whatever cosmic draw of this universe renders me as unusual to just about everyone. Here, I talk to the world first and let the reader remain a ghostly consumer. For whatever benefit but hopefully at least, clarity.

Now, because as this site is more a repository than blog, the page you're looking at doesn't actually change. You'll have to follow me in any of the other channels that I prefer in order to appreciate the meat of everything I call out deeper within.

To that aim you can spy on me via these channels and options:


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