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Stomach Wrenching


Episode 9 - 62 Minutes - May 28, 2022 - The Low Barrier Podcast.

Anyone can start a podcast; it's considered a low barrier entry craft.

Episode Summary

  • The Texas shooting
  • Dave's "Theory of Blood" (Jim insisted on hearing it)
  • A Guy at the Gym "Feels" Dave's Stomach
  • Co-Workers:  We Need to Get Rid of this Guy
  • Speaking of the Gym, Jim's Gym Story
  • Families are a Crapshoot
  • Anne is Back - The Plot to Blackmail/Extort Dave Resumes
  • Predicting Good Times for the Low Barrier Podcast Ahead
  • "I Wanna Hear it Joe"

  By LowBarrierHost for Low Barrier Podcast.


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