One Minute Webcam


A One Minute Webcam puts a fun and even utilitarian public eye on your business, venue, special event, or novel subject. They engage your customers and provide industrial cohesion through solid visual connectivity.

Using off-the-shelf technology consisting of a USB web camera, a compact computer, the right software, and your existing in-house internet connection, I build you a system that provides a once-a-minute updated image of your event, room, or novelty subject -- just about anything -- to your existing website or to a different dedicated website. The public at large can then check in and see what's up at any time, there's not even a login required!

Not Ordinary Webcams

One Minute Webcams are not security cameras. They are not the same as Ring-type cameras or expensive surveillance systems which have a distinctly different purpose and cost a LOT more materially and through complexity.

To explain the difference, security cameras meant for home or business are generally accessed privately to provide peace of mind or in response to an intrustion alert. In fact your business will almost certainly have such a dedicated separate system that will in no way tie in or be impacted by your One Minute Webcam.

By contrast, A One Minute Webcam is expected to be accessed by anyone in the world at any time for mere reason of curiosity for a fraction of a fraction of a fraction of the cost (yes I repeat that over and over to emphasize).

Examples of Use Case Scenarios




Below are images from actual One Minute Webcam customers.

Allen Street and Delaware Avenue, Buffalo, NY.
One Minute Webcam - Allen Street & Delaware Ave., Buffalo NY.

This novelty One Minute Webcam overlooks Allen Street and Delaware Avenue in one of Buffalo's most iconic neighborhoods. It is part of the growing list of One Minute Webcams around Buffalo at Buffcam.