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November 2023

Website Changes

The project or blog you were looking for is possibly pre-launch, dormant, or dead.

There is no definite timetable for restoration if there is to be one, keeping in mind that most of these sites were rotted of content and functionality in the first place before finally being removed or skipped in some server migration. But, I "for real actually do" reactivate projects on sheer whim, sometimes as pure code base re-writes. It's worthwhile for you to keep the link you got here by handy and try from time to time. This is especially true for links and domains that land here that might best be categorized as "under development" and in a state of "pre-launch."

One way to keep an eye on what I'm thinking is to monitor my "Projects" category here at this blog. If I'm going to bring anything back to life or take anything down, I'll blog about it.

Projects and Blogs You Might be Looking For

  • A Guy At His Computer
  • Battle Blog
  • Calling All Citizens Campaign
  • Check that ID
  • Creeper Check
  • Crime Footage Index
  • Earl Pin Astrology
  • Low Barrier Podcast
  • Mumblecore HTML
  • New York City People Fusion
  • Openness Campaign
  • Perp Turkey
  • ProxyFoot
  • Some Web Link
  • Squeaky Portal
  • Tampa Media Bypass
  • Tampa Rail
  • Tech for the City
  • Turkeys Gone Bad
  • Ugly Balconies
  • Yard Bark
  • Wilkes-Barre Rail

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