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In July 2023 I committed to a syndicated content approach to my online content, with this blog being the hub for all content otherwise replicated on my various social media channels of choice. This after a super brief period of ceasing all efforts to acquire reach through centralized commercial social media platforms (a decision of the day you can read about this blog post).

If you are compelled to systematically follow this website (which implies that simply bookmarking and visiting from time to time is perfectly fine too), below are your options.

  • You may follow me on any of my listed social media channels listed in the right upper pane. This being said I am committed to the practice of content sydication and prefer to post at the blog first whenever possible, echoing only to social media channels and (and back) where it makes sense. It is as important if not more important to follow this blog's content directly. I used to prefer one social media channel over another but following Twitter's implosion the social media landscape fragmented severely and, as I see it, made the picking of a secular publishing platform like my personal blog and website, important.
  • You can follow this blog's RSS feed. RSS is a classical web tool that is still appreciated and used by serious journalists, researchers, and other serious web hounds. People who use RSS typically have their own method but if you're new to it and looking for an RSS reader service, I recommend Inoreader.
  • You may register at this blog which will allow you to be notified by e-mail of new posts, and, if you choose, new comments in the threads you are interested in. Be warned that direct participation in this blog requires your willingness to be known to me as the blog publisher. Anonymity to myself as the operator is not an option (though is fine to other users).
  • Finally, you can simply bookmark this blog in your browser, or, if you are using a phone, you can create a tappable icon leading directly to it on your home screen. Here's an article explaining how to perform this very simple action on an iPhone or Android. Feel free to simply drop by every few months as you feel the whim.
Sharing My Content

Feel free to share links from this blog to your own social media channels as you see fit. You can copy/paste links from the URL bar directly or use the handy quick-copy feature at the bottom of every entry.

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