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Thank you for your interest in subscribing to Dave the Web Guy. This registration approach is a bit steeper than you may be used to which is on purpose and in an effort to keep the quality of people and interaction high. Most members are in fact proactively enrolled by sponsorship but the process here is provided for "walk-on" participants.

I eagerly look forward to every new subscriber taking the time to go through the process and to provide their information, but to be quite frank, it is okay if you don't. The expected walk-on registrant rate is comfortably expected to be zero or near zero.

If You Do...

As a subscriber you can post comments and to rate content. You will also be included on an email mailing list (optionally), gain access to affiliated social media groups, and included in relevant outreach regarding in person and digital landscape activity.

Successful registration via this page will mean instant access. However, on review of the registration data or on apparent misuse of the privilege, access may be quickly revoked without notice.

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Please enter your complete physical residential address including street, city, state, or internationally formatted equivalent. This information will not be willfully shared or published at this site.

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Enter/paste an active social media link that you use (e.g., Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.), or a link to a personal website. This link is not published but is used to verify and monitor registrant integrity. You may paste multiple links if you tend to be a bit scattered, but your primary link is the most important. This information will not be willfully shared or published at this site.

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An automated verification message will be sent to the address entered below after you click "Register". If you don't receive that message after a few minutes, do the obvious things such as checking your spam folders, trash can, special filtering rules, etc.

This email is also used to send you comment thread updates (when optionally selected) and any information related to this website as deemed administratively important to you or its subscribed audience at large. This information will not be willfully shared or published at this site.

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