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Why People Gotta Log In to View My X Stuff?


I recently discovered that my X content isn't accessible unless you log into X.  I have two X accounts and this problem applies to both of them.  

Neither account is set to privatize my content, either.

Image of bad guy on porch.

It's obviously a bug but there doesn't seem to be a clear path to reporting it, particularly if you're not a paying user of X.  They do have a help and support center but all of the boilerplate forms one would submit don't apply to this particular situation.

As a bug, I suspect it's tied to X's activity over last summer when they did in fact try to force people to log in in order to view people's feeds.  They rollled that back pretty quick, but maybe something about my accounts got left behind.

I'm basically de-platformed on X -- at least to the extent that I can't microblog to the random world at large.  Ironically, I have no problem taking my borderline mental illness rants to Threads, but one of the affected accounts is part of a community with almost 500 subscribers I'd like to keep my reach with.  And, while I am enamored by Threads, despite whatever issues X has with its stability (as a service, and the particular man running it), I still think X the most evolved and feature reach microblogging tool on the market, if using one is important.  I'd like to have it as an option while I continue to weigh which service I intend to ultimately run with if either. 

Otherwise, I guess X is making the decision for me.

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