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As you know, I'm in the build phase of this blogging engine.  Though it looks completely functional there are major functions still a work in progress.  One of those is the archiving system.

To prep up with real content in which to actually test archiving with, and to keep up with a strategy of reflecting all of my online expressions synchronized between Twitter, Facebook, and this blog, I cross-posted most of my Facebook posts of recent months here.

The maneuver did help fill the tank for archive work, but I was surprised at what all that Facebook-ish inspired content wound up doing to the blog as a quality production stream.  Rather than give the audience a predictable rhythm of emotion and topic as they read through the posts, the disjointed and wayward thought processes between them were more likely to give them a headache.  Now, this blog has the production quality of bathroom graffiti.  What happened?

To understand, one has to compare how content as it is drip-dropped into a (personal) Facebook feed versus how it is dropped (more like a brick than a drip) onto a blog like this one.

Facebook posts are spurred by the moment, and like Twitter, are meant to draw your impulsive remarks and shares as captures of the second.  The resulting string of sentiments is an enjoyable cacophony of your mundane thoughts within a sophisticated framework where everyone is either doing, or at least knows that they can do, the same thing.  Whether they do or not, the random screeds and shares as disconnected intellectual matter are tolerated and appreciated thanks to compositional empathy.  Everyone gets that you might write about Aunt Maddie's tasteful potatoes in one post, then the impact of Trump's trade policies with China in the next.  

That empathy doesn't exist with longer form platforms, such as a blog.  Forget about the fact that a blog is not supposed to capture and cast impulsive thoughts in the first place, people can't relate to the process of feeding one as they do on a universal platform like Facebook.  Loosely they understand that, well, first you have to build or customize a blog, then you have to log into it, then you have to "build a post".  They imagine each post to be, what it is, which is work

So, when a reader encounters spotty point-making and flippant ideas one by one on a blog, as my Facebook dump renders, it looks and sounds bad.  It's just uncomfortable.

Hence, a consistent blog expression strategy will never be fulfilled by merely directly grafting content from your social media channels to your blog.  The blog is too much of a production channel, and the content that needs to be on display there needs to be a reflection of focus and work.  It has a voice to maintain, and it probably has a broader thesis to which each and every entry must be connected to.

  By Dave for Personal Blog.

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