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The Fritter of Twitter is Planned


Okay Mr. Musk, very funny. 

The Twitter logo is now a dog (at least when viewed from the website). 

If the entire product did not now feel enough like a one-man whim project put together by some amatuer hack with too much time on his hands (cough), this certainly fixed that. 

I'm putting my theory of managed decomposition out there now with respect to Twitter.  This latest stunt clinches the theory -- in my own completely rational head at least.

Elon is working with other interests to destroy Twitter, and the reason has nothing to do with money and everything to do with social control.  At some level, I postulate, Elon agreed to be the spoiler of Twitter by agreeing to purchase it or somehow otherwise come into control, then pelting it with unwise decisions to a long-term strategy of chasing people off it.

But why would he and the "other mysterious others" want that?

Well, why did anyone want to destroy the regular World Wide Web?  A unified publishing platform to the planet where anyone crazy enough to post their nutty theories (cough), expose corruption, expose injustice, etc., etc., was too much for the status quo to bear.  Promoting a migration to capitalistic-fueled social media platforms might have been the first trick to make people believe creating their own websites was too hard and too pointless, to kill the web, but there were other tactics.  Oh, I just know it.  

Unexpectedly, Twitter became just as bad as the open web.  Too many people consolidated on it and found it to be a powerful broadcasting tool that was every bit as scary as the open web.  The source of social movements, thought leaders, and even dangerous influencing of elections.

So, the same trick that destroyed the web for similar things is being applied recursively to Twitter.  Chase people off, dilute the population, and encourage more fragmentation of the online populace.

Fragmentation means that it becomes too much work for people to discover and track a meaningful voice, and works to maintain the status quo in the process.  The media stays in charge and the power of the digital age, contained.

Who knows how anyone might have convinced Elon to participate in this -- maybe with the promise of lucrative government contracts and grants or something.  But trust me, however crazy you may find this assertion of mine, the truth lies closer to it than you may want to believe!

  By Dave for Personal Blog.

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