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When Sponge Bob Goes Evil


When Sponge Bob goes evil.

And -- for some reason also wants to stalk my cats' litter boxes.

Image of a shadow that looks like a lurking Sponge Bob over cat litter boxes.

  By Dave for Personal Blog.

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Just When I Was Getting the Hang Of Wit


The tragedy of my recent downgrade of Twitter in my digital life is that I had made my most metrically engaged snark-tweet just before. I didn't even think it was that funny - and it sure was insensitive. But I suppose it timed well.

  By Dave for Personal Blog.

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I Swear, I'm Not Building a Cop Car


I made a few tweaks to my personal vehicle.

In a Facebook video I posted I talked about how I was not gradually turning my car into a fantasy cop car.  Well, this weekend I added a few things and tweaked the exterior a little, as you can see. 

But I promise, I still deny turning my vehicle into any such thing.

And since you dared "go beyond the Twitter", I'll confess:  This is an actual law enforcement vehicle who I surmised belonged to a plain-clothes officer I spotted while in the Walgreens.  He was conspicuously packing his firearm above a loose fitting shirt, which suggested to me he was probably a peripheral officer of some sort (say, a probation officer, fire investigator -- in Tampa, the transportation code enforcement officers even carried guns).  So, in a way, you could say the actual officer was likely doing some fantasizing...kind of hamming himself up needlessly (dude, like, for the sake of the kids that might be in the store, put the shirt over the gun, please).

  By Dave for Personal Blog.

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