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Why People Gotta Log In to View My X Stuff?


I recently discovered that my X content isn't accessible unless you log into X.  I have two X accounts and this problem applies to both of them.  

Neither account is set to privatize my content, either.

Image of bad guy on porch.

It's obviously a bug but there doesn't seem to be a clear path to reporting it, particularly if you're not a paying user of X.  They do have a help and support center but all of the boilerplate forms one would submit don't apply to this particular situation.

As a bug, I suspect it's tied to X's activity over last summer when they did in fact try to force people to log in in order to view people's feeds.  They rollled that back pretty quick, but maybe something about my accounts got left behind.

I'm basically de-platformed on X -- at least to the extent that I can't microblog to the random world at large.  Ironically, I have no problem taking my borderline mental illness rants to Threads, but one of the affected accounts is part of a community with almost 500 subscribers I'd like to keep my reach with.  And, while I am enamored by Threads, despite whatever issues X has with its stability (as a service, and the particular man running it), I still think X the most evolved and feature reach microblogging tool on the market, if using one is important.  I'd like to have it as an option while I continue to weigh which service I intend to ultimately run with if either. 

Otherwise, I guess X is making the decision for me.

  By Dave for Personal Blog.

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Rumors of Looting Might Not Be Exaggerated


Note:  This post was originally made on December 25, 2022, the day of Buffalo's deadly Christmas Day blizzard.  It's a little out of the posting order which you can read about here.

Rumors are circulating that businesses (and in particular the Aaron's Rental on Grant Street, a few blocks up) in my neighborhood are being looted. If so, that might be one explanation for things like this my Arlo camera caught this afternoon.

I'm being wary though - I also suspect these folks and the stream of folks that came before and after them with goods, are just helping friends move. I mean, it is Christmas after all. These could just be gifts.

I conclude and therefore I judge nothing.

  By Dave for Personal Blog.

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NYC Nostalgia, Interview With Livestreaming Guy


Nostalgic NYC stuff.  I operated a blog title called "Tech for the City" very briefly while there.  I tried to dig up unique technology for exhibit at the blog, and at some point finally decided to walk up and interview this guy -- an early live streamer before Periscope and live feature components of Twitter and the like.  He was a regular at Union Square Park.

He had some beef with Turkey politics and I believe he was in some kind of voluntary exile.  Livestreaming was his chosen opposition voice, and he was certainly committed to it.  

Not exactly sure what happened to him, but I do know from his blog at the time he was staged to head back.  He was pissing people off, I hope he is okay today wherever he is.

  By Dave for Personal Blog.

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The Jump On Turnstiles


Whoa!  Spotted at the Allen Medical Station.  I encountered these new turnstiles wrapped and staged...for implementation?  I need to Google this. 

For the non-Buffalo reader, currently NFTA (Niagra Frontier Transit Authority) uses the honor system for fares.  These pictures suggest we're going to a more conventional turnstile system.  

We're going to get turnstile jumpers!  More and more like New York City each day around here.

Click on each for the full-sized image.

Turnstiles 1

Turnstiles 2

Turnstiles 3

Turnstiles 4

  By Dave for Personal Blog.

buffalo interesting photo

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Speed Camera Ticket


Video demonstration of the speed camera ticket and its website. It's better full-screened. 

I'm going to guess that most people here in Buffalo have yet to be issued a speeding ticket resulting from a violation caught by one of the city's new speed cameras. 

I am ashamed to admit that I was negligent and reckless enough to be someone  that was.

If eventually you do yourself, this video shows off the ticket that you can expect to receive, and a quick walk through of the website where you will be allowed to view your violation and either pay the fine, or initiate the process of contesting it.  

As it appears, I apparently triggered the camera exactly one minute and 46 seconds into the control period (meaning, the 15 MPH speed limit I violated had just kicked in at 7:30 whereas I caught at 7:31) sooo, yay for my timing.

  By Dave for Personal Blog.

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