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Messed Up the Holiday Shot


Do your cats have a "camera on them" instinct detection system too?

  By Dave for Personal Blog.


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Forgot Something


I'm going to realize I left the pricey Christmas tree stand I bought back at the far away Christmas tree place in 5...4...3...2..1

  By Dave for Personal Blog.


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Gypsy Parlor


I've been trying to eat out on Sundays as a matter of weekly treat. We've been hitting all the neighborhood restaurants, gradually expanding the circle each week. This week we chowed at the Gypsy Parlor which on top of just having great cuisine looks (to me at least) like a great drinking joint. I def got a pin on it.

  By Dave for Personal Blog.


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For the first time ever, Gina sits at the window sill looking out.

  By Dave for Personal Blog.


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Our House Attracts Kitties


It's amusing, flattering, yet in some way problematic that our house with its large porch and relatively sprawling property range, attracts a lot of stray kitties. This gal (we think a gal) happens to be the latest. How much support we can give her is still up in the air but Nirvie has her at least getting checked out at the vet tomorrow.

Additional Note: here is the post I've circulated on local social media.   While it seems doubtful that the owner will somehow ever land here at my low profile blog, I figure why not be congruent.

Cat Found Us, Do You Know Her?

Recently this beautiful creature who we are calling "Peaches" found our porch on West Ferry and Barton Streets (in Buffalo), and has more or less made herself home there.   We have been feeding and looking after her as she is very acclimated and relatable to people.

My housemate just brought her back from the vet and we learned she's not actually a kitten, just tiny by default.  Apparently she's spade, and tests negative for feline diseases.  Most bizarrely, the vet noted that while she isn't chipped, she is tagged in such a way that suggests she may have previously been handled by a rescue organization (apparently they have their methods for doing so).  And yet, the same tag that suggests this to the vet was not clear or familiar enough to be tied back to any such organization in particular.

At this point I am posting this in hopes that someone will recognize her and provide a backstory, or, if she is missing, step forward to identify her.  I am withholding some key characteristics in order to better screen but anyone truly familiar with her will know of them.

As mentioned she was found near West Ferry and Barton Streets, turning up approximately 2 weeks ago.

  By Dave for Personal Blog.


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West Ferry Paving Begins


The city has begun paving the street outside the house this morning. It will be exciting to see how far they get by the time I get home - if I can get home. There are going to be all kinds of weird access and parking issues while things are getting done and settle out.

  By Dave for Personal Blog.


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In a Pickle


Welp, look who won a pickle ball set at a work function today. Kewl.

  By Dave for Personal Blog.


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Testing Image Posting


I am tweaking code and how my image uploads appear here. Previous to the change text appeared at the bottom of each image. I didn't like the aesthetics of that so I am (hopefully) altering the behavior so that the body of text appears at the top instead.

  By Dave for Personal Blog.


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Saturday Night Live - My Way


Here's how I'm spending tonight. Ears to the scanners (well one of them if you take note of the power indicators) while I prep up a major change to the BuffScan persona. Not to mention also working on this express image feature that sort of works like a private Instagram. The two projects go hand in hand.

  By Dave for for BuffScan.

buffscan photo projects

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The Jump On Turnstiles


Whoa!  Spotted at the Allen Medical Station.  I encountered these new turnstiles wrapped and staged...for implementation?  I need to Google this. 

For the non-Buffalo reader, currently NFTA (Niagra Frontier Transit Authority) uses the honor system for fares.  These pictures suggest we're going to a more conventional turnstile system.  

We're going to get turnstile jumpers!  More and more like New York City each day around here.

Click on each for the full-sized image.

Turnstiles 1

Turnstiles 2

Turnstiles 3

Turnstiles 4

  By Dave for Personal Blog.

buffalo interesting photo

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The New Exchange Street Train Station


Buffalo has two (Amtrak) train stations.  One is called the Depew station, and is certainly interesting.  But the other is located downtown on Exchange Street, which is my lifeline to New York City -- as if I'm always rolling back and forth there, which I do not these days because it's always expensive to go, and because, well, now COVID.  But, I like the idea of being in some way at New York City's doorstep.

Last weekend I stopped by the new station which opened the weekend before and took pictures and videos.  You can view the result at the New Exchange Street Station Google Photo Album.

Link to Exchange Street Station Photo Album

Buffalo New Exchange Street Station

The train to New York is both comfortable yet suspiciously impractical.  Booked well enough in advance, some flights out of Buffalo to New York are actually about the same cost, or, certainly not much more expensive, than a two-way Amtrak ticket.  And flights are usually listed as taking just an hour and a half, though, in practice, it takes about one hour.  The train takes a whopping nine hours and it is generally accepted that in fact it will take longer.  There's always some issue in the journey that causes a delay.    

But that comfort thing is a big deal if you're in no particular hurry.  There are no stifling crowds and none of the airport-grade security checkpoints.  You just show up about a half hour before the train's arrival, board, then take advantage of plenty of leg room, wi-fi, and the occassional jaunt to the cafe car for drinks and snacks.  It's nine (advertised) hours, yes, but they are actually pleasent making plane versus train worth the debate.   The other real advantage is that the train slides into New York's Penn Station which is smack in the middle of where you likely want to be if you're going to New York, and connections to any other place you might.  

When you consider the airport endpoint hassles, and the time getting from the airport to the places you want to actually be in the city when you arrive, the total time you need to spend in a discombulated transition state dramatically narrows the time gap advantage between the plane and train.  For many, the comfort factor then settles the argument.

  By Dave for Personal Blog.

photo railstuff video

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I Swear, I'm Not Building a Cop Car


I made a few tweaks to my personal vehicle.

In a Facebook video I posted I talked about how I was not gradually turning my car into a fantasy cop car.  Well, this weekend I added a few things and tweaked the exterior a little, as you can see. 

But I promise, I still deny turning my vehicle into any such thing.

And since you dared "go beyond the Twitter", I'll confess:  This is an actual law enforcement vehicle who I surmised belonged to a plain-clothes officer I spotted while in the Walgreens.  He was conspicuously packing his firearm above a loose fitting shirt, which suggested to me he was probably a peripheral officer of some sort (say, a probation officer, fire investigator -- in Tampa, the transportation code enforcement officers even carried guns).  So, in a way, you could say the actual officer was likely doing some fantasizing...kind of hamming himself up needlessly (dude, like, for the sake of the kids that might be in the store, put the shirt over the gun, please).

  By Dave for Personal Blog.

goofing photo

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On Time Travel in 2020


Picture of me holding plastic bag and wearing medical mask.

If a time traveler in 2010 had handed me a picture of 2020 me toting a shopping bag on my way TO the store ... while wearing a medical mask, I'd marvel LESS over the fact he was a time traveler!

And while I'm griping...

How horrifying is the "interviewer visit" that the prospect of one is wielded like some kind of threat?  I mean, are they gonna show up with baseball bats?

I submit:

  By Dave for Personal Blog.

personal photo wtf

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