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Oh come on, negative 20?

My issue with this many downvotes on the stellar point I made in Reddit above is that I'm so darned right. It's alarming to call a date where there hasn't been any other a "first".

You wouldn't post a question to Reddit or Quora asking "Where is a great place to take my one-day wife?"

It's the same difference.

I hit a bad vein in that particular Reddit section, but I know I'm right, and I know I'm not the only one who thinks calling a date a "first date" before there is an agreed on second, is entirely inappropriate.

Yeah yeah sure, maybe because I'm more cognizant than most that a would-be first date might likely be the only date, than most people, but as I see it, the reality of my complexity simply reveals what is in fact an excellent universal reality.  My slimy string of non-appeal drags tied to it the iron ball of wrenching stinkin' truth dammit. 

Learn from me!

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