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The Blog is Live and I'm Here


Battle Blog 3.0 is -- working --, my blog is up, and, I'm here.

This blog is the live development model which I am dog-fooding to completion.  That means parts of it don't work or don't work fully and that all the fancy bells and whistles of my previous blogs (beyond the basic functionality) are way down the priority list.  The fixes and those prized features that defined the original Battle Blog will all gradually come back online over the months and years.  If the detail matters, I've deemed this new responsive-design (ugh) iteration Battle Blog 3.0.

Normally I cringe at incomplete projects on the web -- I'd obsess over a broken link or two while being operated on by doctors if I were cognizant of the fact at the time.  But this code re-write from scratch is too big even for me to expect that I can smooth out a launch in just a few weekends.  The original Battle Blog took me over 8 years.

This is the only way to do it.

But let's be more frank, I can afford the time because everyone knows nobody visits blogs as a point of leisure anymore, least of all mine.  You the reader I imagine, isn't even here.  I can afford to walk this re-do and nobody is going to notice.

  By Dave for Personal Blog.

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NOT TRUE!!! I AM here, and lots of people DO read blogs.

So there.

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Among the very first things I do when I launch a new blog and in particular a new blog engine, is respond to my own first post to make sure the comment system works. To be sure, there will be less commentators than ever at this blog since blog commenting died along with the casual perusal of blogs. That, and I have fierce registration policies in play that assures for better or for worse, 'taint no-one going to do so. I'll explain my reasoning in future posts.

For now, let me just make sure this little comment makes the trip.

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Yay! XOXOXO The registration and comment systems work! The registration system needed a knock on the hood apparently, but -- it's fixed now! ;)

Oh sure, we've got our outliers, I suppose you and I are at least two, but right now the name of the game is "feeds". People read their "feeds". Which is like a blog in form, composed of a patchwork of authorship and point, all meshed together, yet sans the voice and the unique dominant presentation value of the author. Nobody is allowed to be a celebrity.

The premise that "blogs have to be moneymakers" and a lack of appreciation for a clean hassle-free look, are dragging the craft away. One of my goals is to promote a re-networking of clean perspective-first blogs. You land on my blog for instance, and you have links to others sharing the philosophy. Imagine browsing again without every worrying about a disruptive presentation. Imagine that trust and most critically the "value" that could return.

Ah, what a dream! I will make Battle Blog a solider of an example!

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I am confused now, so my comments are NOT going to update me in the subscriber database?

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-- Okay, they seem to be. I think I know what the issue was. Disregard this comment and the one right before it! (sigh)

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Testing changes to the comment subscription and processing page.

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That kind of didn't work, but I made the fix and I am pretty sure that THIS one will.

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