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Unthinkable in 2024: I'm Going 100 Percent Blog


Look at my social media postings across Facebook, Instagram, Threads and X. 

The last postings you see at any of them are the very last you will see from me.  

I want to go "100 percent blog" starting with this very posting.  I want every impulse to blab and to experience any dopamine hits to result exclusively from this sole platform.  And, I want that effort to live beyond experimental status.

I want to do this so hardcore, people who are used to seeing updates or what not through any of the social media outlets mentioned above, eventually, if ever, wonder what the heck happened to me.

"April-ish 2024?, wasn't that the last time Dave was around?" 

I said I want to do this beyond anything resembling an experiment.  But because in 2024's internet where all the world's power brokers want average people to forget about the liberty of the original world wide web, and thus this shouldn't "succeed", you as the wayward audience member should certainly view it as that.

Here we go then. 

  By Dave for Personal Blog.


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