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Two Chips Bump In The Night


More evidence of a sub-civil society growing beneath our feet.  The waning foundation of education, the chips on everyone's shoulders, the stress of poverty (or worse, the stress of staying functionally 'middle class'), and the win/lose nature of the capitalist game we are all just pawns in, are beginning to take their crystallized toll.  Before these charged times (thank you Trump for the little things), we had only the aisles of big box stores or the under-enforced rules of our fast food restaurants to hint of it. 

But the sub-civil society is apparently real.  This latest example is like a Curb Your Enthusiasm sketch. 

They bump once at the door, and after the probably-unneeded heated exchange after that, the bumpers get into their car and pull out, bumping the original bumpee's mother with their vehicle in the process.  In the span of a few minutes you have two caustic bump events going on meaning that this is apparently the universe's grand design for these people.

The rest becomes a viral cock - of a gun.

Another lawful gun owner in action.

There were so many opportunities for this not to have happened.  The alleged bumping party at the door could have said "excuse me" or "sorry", whether they did the bump or not (scientists say that more than half the bumps that happen are undetected by the would-be bumpers). 

The black mother did not have to strike the car, but inasmuch as she did, and she may have done it instinctively to alert the driver she was there, it was no cause for the passenger and her husband to leap out and draw a goddamned gun.

All the people here were way too wound up with the chips of the times on their shoulders.

And, once again, a gun-bearer learns the hard way that whatever situation they believed merited the proper application of one, does not necessarily jive in the eyes of law enforcement or even among most reasonable people.  

Now they've got an arrest record that includes gun violence, which sucks for them and will for the rest of their lives.  The legal defense cost alone -- even if they dodge legal consequence, will be way more than they counted on for their flippant gun decision.  Though, at least they have their fellow gun-loving peeps to hug them into believing "they were right".

  By Dave for Personal Blog.

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