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Googling From the Command Line


I did not know this existed.  You can use Google as a command line search tool using Google Shell, or "Goosh". 

So, if you're a command line/Unix freak, as I have been lately, you can still do meaningful Google searches sans the crapitilstic web experience they  throw at you.  

Screen capture of Goosh.

Sample output of a Goosh search.

This seems to be a non-profit arm of Google operations something ran by a guy in Germany, so that probably explains why I only learned of it by -- Googling -- command line search options for the web.  They sure aren't going to be flouting it.  

It's neat and I'm using it, but there's probably no future in it if there is no $$$ in it.  If anyone knows of any other interesting command-line web search tools I'd be interested in hearing about them.

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