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Voting for the Extremely Moderate


Picture of Buffalo voting ballot.

In a few minutes I'll be headed over a few blocks to participate in early voting for some of the local offices. 

After a very conflicted contemplation, I have settled on:

Byron Brown for Mayor - (D) - All the evidence I've seen is that he's done good work and is very astute as a person, politician, and moderate.  I'm balking at extremism for the next few elections, and while I sympathize with India Walton's ideals, and could tolerate a possible Walton win, I feel it's more important to restore sanity to politics and public policy, and reward effective moderates like Byron Brown.  So, I'm "writing down Byron Brown".  I wouldn't vote for Trump if I were Republican either.

I would vote for Indian Walton under a different configuration.  If the mayorship of the past years had been horrible, demonstrably corrupt, were against a Trump conservative, etc., I would totally contribute to the on-ramping of a socialist mayor in this country.  But as I will say below, hopefully if she does somehow lose, she will nonetheless become a major seat in the table of the direction of this city and of its social policies. 

As it is, I see her primary win as merely the result of inaction by Mayor Brown at the time, and a flooding of a niche social segment into the voting, in the first place.

John Garcia for Sheriff - (R) - In general I am a strong supporter of law enforcement and social civil control.  While I think more needs to be done at the human level to prevent crime and civil decay, that should little involve police or law enforcement arms who I admit would stand to benefit from a gain in broader socialist agendas.  It would mean they could actually focus on criminal intercept and investigation, much to the dismay of robbers and scofflaws. 

Garcia is a Republican candidate who supports a more technically advanced and strong modern police force without going Trump in the process.   

Kimberly Beaty would be fine for many political offices and should probably try for another one not so vertically involving the logistics of a working law enforcement agency, fully acknowledging that that is her skillset and profession.  Her compassion and ideals need to be in the fabric of said logistics, and to be sure, she would not be the worst candidate to win if she does. 

Speaking of the worst candidate though, the less said about Trump-aligner Karen L. Healy-Case, the better.  The Trump win of 5 years ago is going to spell many election cycles of this kind of vermin showing up as legitimate candidates.

The other offices cited on the ballot are not elections that I have been focused on, nor do I even necessarily understand the very offices they pertain to.  So I'll probably do a quick cursory sweep of Trump-supporting names and make sure to vote for anyone not, or, just skip them outright. 

  By Dave for Personal Blog.


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