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Buffalo Police Takedown With Officers Shot


Dramatic radio traffic capture of Buffalo Police chase on early evening of 3/29/22 that begins with Buffalo Police attempting to engage a Jeep Cherokee in a traffic stop.  Three police officers and one suspect are ultimately shot during course of.

The first recording begins at 5:56 PM EST and includes chatter until 7:59 PM EST.  The recording was non-managed and covered several agencies (BPD, NFTA Transit police, Buffalo fire, and others), so some key recordings were eclipsed by others as the mayhem unfolded. 

For a complete inquiry you should be sure to check out other recordings that emerge online (Tonawanda Fire Alert has posted a YouTube of audio which includes other dramatic facets BuffScan's misses).

At entry time the three officers were said to be doing well.  Suspects, including one of the shooters who evidently experienced an "emotional reaction" to being pulled over (sarcasm), are said to be in custody.

  By Dave for for BuffScan.


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