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Facebook as the Murderer of TikTok Found in the Parlor


Boom yah!

My hunch that news stories on the negative effects of social media on teens or anyone are astro-turfed has  proven largely correct in this Washington Post piece, Facebook paid GOP firm to malign TikTok.

Specifically prescient to the news above I wrote last December:

I'm surprised by none of it of course.  I'll just fall back on my mantra that this happens because the more social media is discredited, the more value old school media retains. Important because the value and authority of mainstream media are deflating at an unbelievable rate.

There's just one twist to the specifics of my conspiracy theory, though -- it wasn't the legacy mainstream media doing the turfing.  It turns out, at least according to the story linked above, that it was Facebook that was secretly pushing the narrative.  A social media competitor

Or so it seems.  As we consider the story we must also consider that the revelation is being brought to my attention from an entity of the legacy mainstream media itself, The Washington Post.  And, I was tipped off by an old-fashioned TV station's tweet. 

So, is it really Facebook, or is this an example of legacy mainstream media cleverly attempting to conquer social media by dividing its industry players?

Folks, this thing may run deeper than any of us imagine. 

  By Dave for Personal Blog.


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