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On Time Travel in 2020


Picture of me holding plastic bag and wearing medical mask.

If a time traveler in 2010 had handed me a picture of 2020 me toting a shopping bag on my way TO the store ... while wearing a medical mask, I'd marvel LESS over the fact he was a time traveler!

And while I'm griping...

How horrifying is the "interviewer visit" that the prospect of one is wielded like some kind of threat?  I mean, are they gonna show up with baseball bats?

I submit:

  By Dave for Personal Blog.

personal photo wtf

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My question is this: Are the masks required where you live? Where I live, they aren't required so it's interesting to see who the media has been able to wrangle into fear, and who does not give a f**k. It's about 50/50. I suspect in the coming weeks the percentage of those wearing masks will just keep decreasing. But then come September, when those who control us already seem to know a second "wave" will hit. Will everyone jump cuz they said jump? Keep in mind there is zero proof where I live. No one in the surrounding areas is dropping dead like flies. It's totally manufactured. So we'll see if they jump for the second time...

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Kind of? :)

For the MOST part they are not required in New York I believe, except in very particular cases like transit systems (which includes Ubers/Lyfts).

The thing is, just about any private business you go into is requiring them. Between that and the informal shaming that goes on if you don't, anyway, they are effectively required.

I'll critique the effort at balance but not the goodwill. Pandemics are real things that set back or outright kill off civilizations. Just because we've evolved to invent HBO doesn't make us above such a catastrophe.

But I am leery of the poor balancing which seems a bit on purpose - I agree about that. At this point it is clear that there will be more misery and death resulting from the job losses than anything that this virus seems likely to have achieved on its own.

This looks more and more like an excuse to tighten up an economy that was probably headed for disaster and "they?" decided to use this fortuitous event as cover.

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