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How We Should Begin Colonizing Space


I'm not as pessimistic as the video is, but I do think our approach to beginning civilizations on other planets could stand a reconsideration.

(If someone could please forward this blog post to the President of the United States Space Cabinet, I would appreciate it.)

What we should do rather than prepare a new elite body of astronauts to live on the Moon or Mars is to create a new military branch of "soldiers" especially trained to live and forge in inhospitable environments in general.

In this framework the resiliency skillset can be implemented here on Earth first by setting up colonies in Antarctica or beneath the oceans - or anyplace humans should damn well never think about being, let alone thriving.  For example, like my bathroom going on its 8th month without a deep clean.

Then, as the apparatus as a whole is perfected (and to military advantage in fact), it can be exported to the Moon and Mars.

Point being, let's not focus on conquering livability on other planets but rather, focus on evolving human resilience so that doing so is just "different syntax" when we do.

  By Dave for Personal Blog.

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