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The Fritter of Twitter, II - This Time It's Personal


I've had to remove my Twitter feed embed as it existed at the right of this content.  Whatever Twitter did, it stopped working.  It had something to do with their API changes or in their mandatory switchover to the new Tweetdeck or something.  It might even be a temporary issue but it would not matter; I've completely lost faith in a coherent reliable Twitter experience.  And that's coming from a guy who paid for the premium ("blue badge") tier on the basis it was excellent cheap hosting for real time media posts.

And so, where the fragmentation of the open World Wide Web is nearly complete, the agenda to frustrate and disrupt people from freely talking to each other in a cohesive manner in a single place of discovery, is now too, nearly complete.  

With Twitter complicity.  It's the planned and managed degradation of anything that allows people to broadcast and be heard outside the gatekeeping control of monetization.

I am unsure that I will replace the feed as I would like to use the slight to become more interesting and relevant here at my own dedicated publishing platform, something I'm always trying to do.  This might be the kick that finally makes it happen.

  By Dave for Personal Blog.


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