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Our House Attracts Kitties


It's amusing, flattering, yet in some way problematic that our house with its large porch and relatively sprawling property range, attracts a lot of stray kitties. This gal (we think a gal) happens to be the latest. How much support we can give her is still up in the air but Nirvie has her at least getting checked out at the vet tomorrow.

Additional Note: here is the post I've circulated on local social media.   While it seems doubtful that the owner will somehow ever land here at my low profile blog, I figure why not be congruent.

Cat Found Us, Do You Know Her?

Recently this beautiful creature who we are calling "Peaches" found our porch on West Ferry and Barton Streets (in Buffalo), and has more or less made herself home there.   We have been feeding and looking after her as she is very acclimated and relatable to people.

My housemate just brought her back from the vet and we learned she's not actually a kitten, just tiny by default.  Apparently she's spade, and tests negative for feline diseases.  Most bizarrely, the vet noted that while she isn't chipped, she is tagged in such a way that suggests she may have previously been handled by a rescue organization (apparently they have their methods for doing so).  And yet, the same tag that suggests this to the vet was not clear or familiar enough to be tied back to any such organization in particular.

At this point I am posting this in hopes that someone will recognize her and provide a backstory, or, if she is missing, step forward to identify her.  I am withholding some key characteristics in order to better screen but anyone truly familiar with her will know of them.

As mentioned she was found near West Ferry and Barton Streets, turning up approximately 2 weeks ago.

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