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On Jesus Toribio Pinero...


Screen capture of Pinero Ave in Puerto Rico

My natural father Heriberto (or, "Eddie" as he apparently went by) enamored my mother by telling her that his grandfather or great grandfather was the "first governor of Puerto Rico".  Our mom remembered him telling her that "he ran around the mansion as a kid!"

And, duly, that there was even a street there named after him.

After he died young and my mother went on to marry others, our association to that side of the family faded to such a degree that this possibility only rang as absolutely true when we later independently looked it up and indeed learned that the first governor there was a one Jesus T. Pinero.  It had to be true then!  Yay! - Instant prestige!

Screen capture of Pinero Ave in Puerto Rico

Eventually we reconnected with a long lost aunt, my father's sister, and upon putting the claim to her, someone who had grown up alongside him most of her childhood life, she had no idea what the hell he must have been talking about.

Dang.  It was enough of a story to get me birthed I guess.

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