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Alerts Are Fake Ads Now


The latest trend in obtrusive "advertising" (if it really is something "new", maybe not) is sending you alerts.  These alerts actually contain no pitch or ad copy whatsoever, they're actual alerts about a scan on your computer completing or "Your statement is ready" from your bank.  

Here's an example from Malwarebytes, an alert that I receive in the lower right of my computer waking up the PC each morning.  You might think maybe it disappears after a few seconds but it doesn't.  You have to manually click the X to close it.  And no, you can't turn this off.

Image of Malwarebytes needless alert.

These are needless "alerts" because everything could just as easily work transparently in the background, doing their jobs and letting you focus as needed on whatever they are alerting you about.  But every alert sends along a brand name and getting that brand name in front of you in the form of a subject line in your inbox, or a push notification on your phone, as often as possible, is crucial.

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