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I Should Go Linux All the Way


Working with a recent project has had me wading around in Linux more intimately than I ever have.  The experience is pushing me into leaving the large commercial-slanted Microsoft and Google ecosystems entirely (and by insinuation of this, Apple's too, though I barely touch it) .  

The fresh air of commercial-free computing is liberating.  Executing commands and running through processes without the artifical injection of "crapitilasm" is putting power back into my hands.  I can program and configure at my old-days "hacker speed", and nothing drags on me as I go.

Except of course for the drag of proficiency.  And, the drag of failed interfacing to the more ubiqutious world of device drivers designed for people who don't leap from the ship.

Those are real problems.  Proficiency is the lesser issue since you learn as you go, and with the fluidity of processing, I'd probably be one of those wicked command-line tackers that bothered me so much working at Rakuten (great guys the Unix people were, but non-stop clackity clackity clackity in an open floor plan - I suspect I have a case of Misophonia) in no time.

But bringing home new tech appliances and toys, or suddenly needing to rely on a productivity or content generation apps for which no Linux native or port equivalent exists.  That would be a buzz kill.

Still, I eye this potential strongly.  When I am reminded of how  empowering computing is supposed to be as my recent foray has, I am all the more resentful that the evolved form of computing is wrong at a fundamental level.  It is a perverse model consisting of convenient information gathering, advertising, and fabricated depedencies for sake of profit only.  And worse, it may all be designed to make people consumer processors of digital output, while exactly straining away the empowerment.

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