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The Tulsa Race Tragedy, A Media Race


First, it's long overdue that the Tulsa Race Massacre come to light.  I was shocked when I first heard about it just days ago.  I literally wondered how I hadn't heard about it before.  There it is however, a tragedy and a stark warning about how even if racism is allowed to circulate in the vernacular and worldview of the ignorant, it can spread and ignite through all.

Now, as a sudden media concentration and focus, though, it's also a pretty weird demonstration of mainstream "cognizant activation".  

Just wonder:  What after all this time made this story-that-should-have-always-been-a-story for decades over decades, so sexy in the scope of just a single weekend in 2021?  In such a lockstep and such a quality-of-presentation launch no less.

You can't deny uniform mechanisms and influences in an institution like mainstream media when something like this happens.   And if you can't deny it, you can begin to question everything with more confidence.   You're allowed.

  By Dave for Personal Blog.

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