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Takedown Intercept Alert


Buffalo Police Takedown Intercept Alert

A BuffaloScan "Takedown Intercept Alert" is just an encouraging tweet broadcast when I or a BuffaloScan team member catches (intercepts) an actual arrest, generally following a dramatic pursuit. 

These tweets are meant to show off and rally the good logistical efforts by the Buffalo police department, something rarely spotlit.

These alerts are "lulz for the event", not so much for the specifics.  Therefore unlike many of the other tweets that may go out regarding events, these particular alerts may not necessarily have as much detail or information.  The point is to let the world know the police took someone down, period.  However, details may follow in subsequent tweets or BuffScan blog postings if they become available.

BuffaloScan of course cannot report on every such event but the goal here is to do so when possible.

  By Dave for for BuffScan.


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