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Neighbors App Advances to the Web


I'm heartend to find that the Neighbors app, the anti-crime community notification app that binds tightly with Ring and other video doorbell and security cameras, at some point picked up a desktop option for viewing and commentating

I'm pretty sure it wasn't always this way because when I engage digital tools I always first check to see if I can do it over a regular computer.  I signed up for Neighbors when I used Blink cameras, which were integrated with the Neighbors app, though, not quite as seamlessly as native Ring cameras.  Blink cameras, while they can still be bought, were more a thing two or so years ago.  They were more a thing than Ring, I think, at the time.  So, two years ago I don't think they had a web option or I would have been all over it.

Image of bad guy on porch.

Neighbors App on the Web. Also, the Guy Here, a Possible Bank Robber Too

To me, it's just another example of major web tool publishers rediscovering people's preference for working behind big screens and with conventional keyboards and mice.  Or in this case, being vigilante (or just nosey).

Developing for the "desktop web" these days takes a very deliberate and purposeful production committment because of course the "monetization market" is among friction-free freaks, which means putting things into people's hands with mobile apps first and maybe a web dashboard second.  

Kind of unrelated to my missive here, the guy in that particular image above is said among the commentators of the posted video to resemble the guy also accused in a number of attempted bank robberies.  If so, between those robbery attempts and this theft of a Ring camera, he's obviously on some sort of spree.

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