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The blogs which I have taken the time to curate here have been personally encountered or inspected by invitation. Each is a no-or-limited-flat-ads, no pop-ups, non company or corporate affiliated blog or personal website, that appears developed in the spirit of the classical world wide web. Its purpose is to prove that such blogs and websites still exist and to inspire you to create your own. If you take on the task you will contribute to the restoration of the world wide web, which is the original social media platform.

If you "get it" and think you have a blog or website that qualifies for this listing, please contact me, being sure to include the title, URL, and some kind of a description (which I may edit for purposes of the listing).

Keep in mind that, of those blogs and websites that I personally encounter and list of my own accord, if I find the site too esoteric or don't feel qualified to compentently describe it, I will not include a description. If you find your site listed without a description let me know what it shoud be. The point of this listing is to spread the word based on form, not content. Linking to your content does not mean I condone or agree with any opinions or topics expressed.

Probablyl worthy of mention too: The site doesn't have to be pretty, just clean, ad-free, and active at the time of my review. Websites change and it's possible that one that passed my taste test today will devolve into something I no longer want listed here. In such cases I will remove them from the listing as I discover, or, you call to my attention.

Finally, part of my campaign to restore a classical web is to encourage interlinking. If you find your content listed below please link back to my website in courtesy. In fact, I would recommend that you create a listing page similar to this one in doing so.

  The Directory
  • arenthil.net
  • Back Reaction
    This appears to be the blog of theoretical physicist and apparent YouTuber (or perhaps more accurately, social media talent in general) Sabine Hossenfelder. She seems to mainly use it as a vehicle for her YouTube embeds which is a use case form that I think is rife for a future. This is an example of monetizing with a blog, but not the platform itself directly -- thereby maintaining its effective use, but rather as the ensemble to a wider effort and talent.
  • BuffScan
    Blog devoted to the amature discussion, collection, and distribution of public safety events occurring in the Buffalo, New York area.
  • Citizens Transit Org
    Pro rail transit group for the Buffalo and Niagara region.
  • clubmate.fi
    Web development blog, loads of UI and JavaScript topics.
  • Dave The Web Guy
    Personal blog for David Pinero of Buffalo, Nyew York
  • Elizabeth Tai
  • Media Confidential
    A Google Blogspot blog that remains to true to the pure blogging format covering inside news and tidbits related to the radio broadcasting industry. It continues to be a clean "desktop first" blog having apparently (and thankfully) avoided any temptation to warp itself in an attempt to cater to both since 2010. It"s certainly accessible by a mobile device but no overhead is spared to make is specifically so, which is why it is refreshing.
  • Radio Free Fedi
    Celebrating sound, agency and avoiding walled gardens supporting fedi artists
  • Southern Maryland NewsNet
    News and drama website with some tasteful flat ads focusing on Southern Maryland. A good example of what appears to be a news website, perhaps hyperlocal, likely run by a small number of people.
  • Stop the Metro
    Blog devoted to author"s viewpoint on the expansion of Metro Rail in the Buffalo New York area.
  • Suzy McHale
    Personal blog and preferred public facing platform of Aussie Suzy McHale.
  • Underground Homes
    A website devoted to cataloging the various forms of underground homes. Last stamped copyright is 2021 but given the static nature of the topic and its exceptional organization and maintenance, I count this as active and noteworthy.
  • Wiby
    Not a blog, not a website, but a search engine specifically designed to focus results on pages like this directory calls out. I expect many of the sites that I list here will come from searches using this engine.

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