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Posts regarding the craft of astrology and astrological interpretation. I've been "into" astrology since my late teens and for a long time into my twenties generated and interpreted birth charts. Not that its status as a fad ever mattered, but the recent re-ignition of interest in astrology prompted me to re-read some of my old books, commentating on both specific astrological artifacts, as well as on the mechanics and philosophy of it all. I tried to launch (or maybe still am I guess) an astrological persona under the name "Earl Pin Astrology".


Posts related to my efforts to demonstrate and encourage ground journalism, and to discuss Buffalo City proper drama in that context. Posts include video and images of public safety events as I encounter them serendipitously, or, on purpose, as part of my grand design to develop a citizen radio-connected network of people to replace the chaotic cognizance of the people lost as more and more public safety systems become digitally encrypted or simply more complex to monitor.


Posts related to the development of transit urban rail solutions in Tampa Florida. I live in Buffalo, NY today, so the obvious question is why I have such a focus. The answer is that I lived there during the "dawn of blogs" and operated tamparail.org which covered light rail and the current Tampa Tecoline Streetcar system. It became a prominent voice in the transit community there, not always favorably since I used a very inflammatory presentation, but a potent one. Even after I left Tampa I felt an obligation to keep the dialogue going, which I tried and failed to do (on any consistent basis). This page and category exists to keep a heartbeat on that effort, particularly now that the streetcar system is likely to be upgraded to a modern form, and a high speed rail between Tampa and Orlando is suddenly probable.


This category exists largely for the same reason that "TampaRail" does, except that it focuses on transit rail development in my birth city of Wilkes-Barre, PA. When I left my job in New York and needed to crash, I holed-up in my deceased grandmother's house for approximately a year, getting involved in local politics, and the "dream of transit rail" connecting the city to New York. It turns out there were existing "plans" and "ideas" for doing so, so I started wbrail.com hoping to replicate the success and relevance of Tampa Rail in covering their evolution. As my time there dragged on though I became more involved with local political commentary and city drama, expanding the blog's scope accordingly. I had a great time with the site and so continue on with my observations and thoughts as I observe them from afar.

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