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Dave the Web Guy Innovations, LLC.

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Dave the Web Guy Innovations, LLC.

All my commercial projects and revenue bearing activities are conducted under the auspice of my limited liability corporation Dave the Web Guy Innovations.

Active (Commercial) Projects

Battle Blog

Battle Blog is a web publishing platform offered on a managed basis to publishers seeking a no-fuss-no-muss voice in the blogging form. Battle Blog is among the few custom service blogging platforms to survive a consolidation of major blog engines by the enterprise sphere; and which includes built-in democratic content-controls.

One Minute Webcam

I build a system for producing webcam images that update once a minute for businesses and venues seeking to offer novel or utilitarian visual connectivity solutions to the public, and more specifically, to the advantage of their customers or potential customers. You can read more about this offering at the One Minute Webcam page.

Squeaky Portal

This is a human resource directed communication tool (more relatably, "something that works like both a blog and email in one") ideal for adoption by small to medium sized businesses seeking to account for and direct employee messaging across multiple shifts or physical facilities. It is an exclusive DWGI tool which has proven its value in the commercial sector for over a decade. Squeaky Portal is offered as a managed service on a monthly invoiced basis.

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