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Wilkes-Barre Pennsylvania is my birthplace. While I didn't grow up there, I ultimately did return in my mid-teens, staying until graduating (if you can call it that) in 1986 from the now non-existent James Coughlin High School.

I again returned for a brief period in the 2000-teens, having left a job in New York City and unable to immediately procure a new one in time as I had so calculated. In that time I became fascinated, as I did while in Tampa, about the idea of transit rail system development.

I specifically focused my blog, Wilkes-Barre Rail, on topics surrounding the implementation of a light rail system connecting Wilkes-Barre to Hazelton, commuter rail, connecting to New York City (and Philadelphia), and high speed rail in particular.

The blog also became a place to post commentary on general local politics and drama related to Wilkes-Barre and Luzerne County.

Ultimately I left Wilkes-Barre again for Buffalo New York, but, as I had hoped to do with Tampa, I adopted a binoculars-view interest in these matters, keeping an eye on online news and RSS feeds for new developments. This page resumes that effort and acts as an online advocate node accordingly.

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